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1. Effect of hypoxia on HIF-1α and NOS3 expressions in CD34+ cells of JAK2V617F-positive myeloproliferative neoplasms.
Pages: 0
Authors: Can Veysel Şoroğlu, İldeniz Uslu Bıçak, Selin Fulya Toprak, Akif Selim Yavuz, Selçuk Sözer


2. Inhibition of airway smooth muscle contraction and proliferation by LIM kinase inhibitor, LIMKi3.
Pages: 0
Authors: Ning Li, Yuanxiong Cheng , Shiyong Wang, Hua Liao, Shengming Liu


3. Changes in Tidal Breathing Biomarkers as Indicators of Treatment Response in AECOPD Patients in an Acute Care Setting.
Pages: 0
Authors: Tess Nuñez Quiroga, Nadav Bachar, Wieland Voigt, Noy Danino, Inbal Shafran, Ronit Shtrichman, Gregory Shuster, Nina Lambrecht, Stephan Eisenmann


4. Sertraline as a potential cancer therapeutic approach: Biological relevance of TCTP in breast cancer cell lines and tumors.
Pages: 0
Authors: Antonielle B. Baldissera, Marianna Boia-Ferreira, Alana B. C. Basílio, Jean Silva de Souza Resende, Mauro Antônio Alves Castro, Olga M. Chaim, Luiza Helena Gremski, Silvio S. Veiga, Andrea Senff-Ribeiro